Did You Know That Mosquito Is A Virus Carrier?

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Gosh! Really? Yes, you get people like that. Ignorance is bliss? Hardly. But at least they know this much about the mosquito. It is pretty nasty when it bites. So perhaps at least they will be trying to avoid this dangerous beast of prey as though it were the plague. Speaking of which, it is widely known that the mosquito is a virus carrier. If it is not carrying a virus by some chance, it is carrying a disease.

The mosquito control company in Chesterfield will have you know that in certain instances, the disease/s that your local mosquito could be carrying could be deadly. And it turns out that those species identified as carriers of viruses, could be deadly too. Arguable the most common and widely known of the diseases that mosquitoes could be carrying at any one time is that of the malaria disease.

And it is now no longer the case that these special cases of vermin are confined to remote tropical hotspots in Southeast Asia, Africa or the Amazon jungles. Or what is left of it. Because in case you did not know, these hardy insects have the ability to migrate. They can do so in swarms. And they could do so as castoff isolationists. It is quite prepared to migrate across vast swathes of oceans, picking up food along the way, until it is able to find its suitable mate.

And you do know what happens when that happens, right? When two lovebirds get together, it is officially mating season. Or two mosquitoes, as is the case here. Now, which could be deadlier? The male? Or the female? Rumor has it that it is the female. And she could be carrying a virus.